We were lucky to grow up on nearby farms in the carefree days of the Seventies, with all the freedom this suggests. When it came to creating the same experience for our own children we had to be a little more inventive.  

For twenty-five years, we ran a very busy and successful farming enterprise whilst raising our family. To balance this, we wanted to create somewhere where friends and families could unwind, away from the demands of modern life. We made our own hidden paradise on our home farm, where we honed our taste for glamping and gave our family some truly unique and special memories.

After being in the fortunate position to sell our last business, we started Loose Reins because we recognised the potential for creating something similar for others to enjoy. Riding has always been a big part of our lives, and a big part of slowing the pace of life too. The countryside, its people and skills are close to our hearts and we wanted to share that with others in a relaxing environment where they could get away from it all. 
The pace of life is simply too fast these days and Loose Reins offers individuals, families and friends the opportunity to kick back, soak up the magic of this small corner of Dorset and benefit from the sense of calm that envelops you on arrival.
Out on the trail or just sitting back close to nature and taking it easy, Loose Reins has become a little piece of pioneer paradise - a tranquil hideaway where you can be yourself and reconnect. The place is yours. Discover your trail.

Marc & Michelle Gibbs