Reconnect with nature and adventure during our fantastic ground-work based sessions. Whether you have a horse at home, want to reconnect with a childhood passion, or have never even touched a horse before; we have something suitable for you. No previous horse experience is required. These sessions give all our guests a memorable experience and for those of you that have a horse at home, you will leave empowered with new skills to build on a stronger bond with your own horse.

Horses will give us everything if they feel protected and respected by their handler and all we need to do is listen…

You can choose to work at liberty with one of our horses in the round pen without any rope or halters at all, or in the large sand area with one of our horses on a leading line.

We endeavour to give our guests a bespoke experience and the sessions are tailored to suit each individual. Our friendly and passionate Loose Reins team will give you an insight into how we work with our herd and why. All of these sessions are ground-work based and our lovely herd will give you kindness, patience, confidence, self-esteem, good communication, leadership skills and compassion.

Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart…

Loose Reins Horsemanship Experience Number One – Partnering with your horse at liberty

We begin with meeting in the barn, where we talk a bit about horse psychology and communication and get to know some of the herd. Next, move to the round pen and watch a demonstration of how to work in partnership with your horse with no leading rope or tack, completely loose. You will then individually work with the horse with our instructor’s support. Observe your horse and understand what their body language is signalling and see how they respond to different people’s energies. Through effectively using non-verbal communication and with guidance from our instructor you will work to connect with the horse by building trust and respect, progressing to achieving the uplifting, awe inspiring moment of join up. You’ll leave with a heightened awareness of your own and your horse’s energy, how one impacts the other, and how to establish yourself as an effective leader that your horse will trust and respect.

£55 per person, based on two people sharing, one hour session
£60 per person for 45 minutes private session

Loose Reins Horsemanship Experience Number Two – Partnering with your horse on-line

In this session you can get a bit more hands on working with your horse on-line (halter and rope) in our large sand arena. In this session you will be building on the concept of personal space, yielding, and working with obstacles. You will put into practice reading your horse’s subtle communication cues, adjusting your body language to take into account what the horse is telling you and how to use your own body and energy to achieve more effective communication with less effort. It involves the subtle but profound and two-way reading of body language between you and your horse. Our instructor will guide you through various challenges and obstacles for you and the horse to work on together in a relaxed and positive environment, you’ll learn how your horse reads signals from you that are often imperceptible to humans. The horse will show you how to connect with and out to good use your kindness, compassion and leadership skills.

£55 per person, based on two people sharing, one hour session.
£60 per person for 45 minutes private session.

Loose Reins Family Horsemanship Experience

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, quality family time can be cut short. Take some time out as a family to share some horse time together, where all you need to think about is what’s happening right now. Our horses love meeting new people, are very welcoming and will soon give you the Loose Reins zen feel everybody talks about. This family session is designed for adults and their children to learn about and meet our herd, enjoy some grooming and get to know the horses in the barn, before moving to the arena where things get even more hands on. Work together to build an obstacle course for you all to team up with the horse and complete together. You will think about things such as the horse's likes and dislikes, sizes of obstacles, the horse’s personality and size and role making. Observe how the horse reacts to each obstacle and different people’s energies. When every member of the team is happy and your horse trusts you enough to follow you around the course, you will have made a beautiful, kind and loving friend of the family for life – we probably should say a big friend!

£150 - 1 hour 30 minutes- session for a maximum of 5 people.

For bigger groups, please contact us for a special horse experience package!

Please contact the office on 01258 863533 or for availability and bookings.