ECO-TUBS - New for Loose Reins from June 2022!

1st June, 2022

We are delighted to welcome our latest additions to the ranch cabins this Summer, our new wood-fired eco-tubs from Cotswold Eco-Tubs!

Come and relax whilst staring at the stars, from the luxurious seat in your eco-tub! The smell is utterly divine and it feels like a spa with a therapeutic massage from the fantastically quiet, yet powerful, water jets. Let the colour-changing LEDs gently set the ambience, as you let all of your stresses fade away.

Each cabin is equipped with their own private tub and will have towel robes especially for getting in and out of the water. These tubs are emptied regularly, enabling them to stay chlorine and bromine free, as an added bonus.

Eco Hot Tub outside luxury glamping lodge at Loose Reins in Dorest