The perfect isocation…

18th March, 2020

If you’re looking for somewhere to escape and to feel your wellbeing soar, look no further. We’re lucky to sit in over 13 acres of beautiful Dorset countryside – that’s a lot of room! With just three cabins and three lodges, each set in its own generous green space, you’ll be surrounded by fresh air. Loose Reins is truly the perfect place for an isocation.

All is well here, and we’ve implemented sensible extra precautions and cleaning in line with formal guidance. We’re bringing in additional members of our housekeeping team to give us more hours in the day, we’ve sourced virucidal cleaning products, and we’ve run training to deepen our already thorough cleaning procedures. We’ve removed all unnecessary soft furnishings leaving our fresh, white, professionally laundered linen and towels.

To support our guests and team in staying healthy, we’ve adopted a virtual check-in and check-out process in order to minimise human contact. Our luggage service will still be available for guests with mobility considerations – just let us know and we’ll line up our freshly cleaned buggy. Our general store is an honesty shop with no need for staff and you have the option to pay remotely for any purchases in one final online transaction. You can choose all the meals you need from our delicious menu – just pop in the oven whilst enjoying something chilled - so it’s easy to batten down the hatches and beat a total retreat if you wish.

With all of that in place, we’re getting on with homestead life. Loose Reins is where the world slows down and we’re here to help you leave the daily grind at the gate, to connect with a place of experience, discovery and relaxation.

In Dorset we are blessed with a wealth of nature’s activities, places to see and things to do. Wide open spaces with hardly another soul in sight. See the world from the Wessex Ridgeway. Walk through the woods and see the deer. Take a picnic. Dine out in nature. Listen for birdsong or the rustle of woodland wildlife. Share tales from the trail. Smell the wood smoke. Plan tomorrow’s adventure. Hire a bike and explore, walk on our Ancient Hill Forts, paddle in the river or explore the Blackmore Vale. Take a trip to the Jurassic Coast and find a fossil.

Or discover the magic of Loose Reins; make the days as long as you want them to be, relax, unwind and enjoy the moment.

Take care, everybody, and we hope to see you sometime soon. Meanwhile, if we can help with any questions do send us an email or give us a call.

With best wishes

Marc and Jeanette.