Pour a lightly chilled glass of white or rose with a June barbecue, or a mature red with a hot winter soup. We have carefully chosen a range of wines, available at the General Stores, and they can also be ordered in advance. Just give us a ring and we can help you select something.

We also stock local ales and ciders, so you can shoot the breeze at the end of the day with a bottle or two of Dorset’s finest. Watching the sun go down with a cold beer or sipping a glass of wine by the wood burner, it’s all about relaxation – Loose Reins style.

Refreshing wines, ciders and ales

With the help of Dorset Wines, we have carefully selected some wines we think you’ll be delighted with. Alcoholic drinks are available to purchase during office hours.

White Price per bottle
2015 Snapper Rock Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough £16
2013 Sherborne Castle Special Reserve, Dorset £19
2016 Grenache Rose, Domaine La Colombette £18
2017 Rioja Tinto Sin, Bodegas Navajas £16
Sparkling Wines  
2014 Classic Cuvee Brut, Langham Wine Estate, Dorset £30
2015 Rose Brut, Langham Wine Estate, Dorset £35


Hand picked wines for you to enjoy

We keep a selection of Piddle Brewery Ales, Lagers and Ciders which are produced thirty minutes away at their brewery in Piddlehinton.

Ale - £3.50 per bottle
Piddle Brewery Premium Ale (4.1%)
Piddle Brewery Cocky Golden Hoppy Beer (4.3%)

Lager - £3.50 per bottle
Piddle Brewery No. 1 Lager Beer (4.3%)

Cider - £3.50 per bottle
Piddle Brewery Ciddle Middle (4.5%)

Local ales and ciders

From our local award winning Langham’s Wine Estate we offer the following sparkling wines. 

Classic Cuvée 2014 - £30
Our traditional brut is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier. Barrel fermentation and ageing adds richness and depth. Aged for 24 months on yeast lees and 6 months on cork before release.

Rosé 2015 - £35
Our fruit driven Rosé consists of 45% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot noir and 15% Pinot meunier. Aged for 18 months on yeast lees. Reminiscent of English summers with aromas of cherries, and strawberries and cream.

Langham's Wine Estate Website

Award winning sparkling wines