Your cabin or lodge has all the utensils you need to make delicious feasts, but if you’d rather leave the cooking to someone else we’ve got some yummy home-made meals ready for the pot. Pop them on the stove, pour a glass of wine and sit back.

Tuck into beef the cowboy way, cooked in coffee and cumin, or enjoy a spicy roasted vegetable chilli. There’s nothing like lasagne, nourishing soups and pasta sauces after a day out in the trail. 

If you would like to order any pre-cooked dishes, let us know in advance and we will have them ready for you when you arrive.

Enough cutlery for everyone

Homemade cooked meals. So you don’t have to… 

All our meals are made from scratch using high quality, local produce. All the meals are priced for two people apart from the Lasagne which serves 4-6 people.

Beef Chilli - £16 Using locally sourced beef steak, coffee and cumin, medium heat (gluten free, sulphites)

Roasted Sweet Potato Chilli - £12 Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, medium spice (gluten free, sulphites)

Loose Reins Lasagne - £22 Using locally sourced beef mince (gluten, dairy)

Vegetable Lasagne - £22 Layers of tomato, mushrooms and spinach, topped with a cheese sauce  (celery, gluten, dairy)

Lamb Tagine - £16 Lamb with prunes in a slightly fruity aromatic tomato sauce (dairy)

Chicken Gumbo - £16 Chicken breast pieces with chorizo, bacon, peppers and sweet potato with paprika and cayenne pepper to make a tasty and slightly spicy sauce (gluten, celery) 

Cowboy Beans - £12 A mixed bean dish full of Mediterranean flavours, vegetarian and vegan friendly (gluten free, sulphites) 

Bolognaise Pasta Sauce - £12 Using local beef mince (gluten free)

Spiced Butternut Squash Soup - £10 Slightly spiced butternut squash with coconut milk to make a warming, tasty soup (celery)  

Delicious lamb stew at Loose Reins

And something for you to cook yourself on your Fire Bowl

Breakfast Hamper - £14 Four local pork sausages, four pieces of local back bacon, four free range eggs from the Loose Reins chickens and two tomatoes. (sausages may contain wheat and mustard)  

Barbecue Hamper - £14  Four local pork sausages, two locally produced quarter pound beef burgers and two chicken kebabs made using locally produced chicken breast. (burgers and sausages may contain wheat and mustard)  

Tasty barbecued burgers


Puddings on offer vary from season to season. Local ice creams and award winning chocolate brownies are always available but do enquire on arrival for alternatives. We often have some seasonal crumbles or Christine’s sticky toffee puddings which are made locally with gluten free ingredients (as featured on Chris Evans’s Breakfast Show).

Scrumptious local ice creams